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About us


“The most liveable city in the world, blasted with the aroma of coffee beans in the air as Trams screech down the busy streets on a daily basis. That’s everyday Melbourne for the city dwellers. From the bird’s eye view, it’s just another beautiful city of skyscrapers.

But on the ground, Melbourne is a community of laneways connecting the streets, buildings and the people. That’s where ‘Melbourne’ really is. This company is developed and inspired by the culture and romance that lives in each of these laneways of Melbourne. There are countless laneways, each having something unique to offer, albeit a little bit unorthodox. From hidden restaurants, bars and cafés to artistic murals and graffiti that tells a story, these laneways are what represents the diversity in culture and lifestyle of Melbourne. It’s raw. It’s mesmerizing. It’s unpretentious.

Hence, the Laneway Clothing Company is developed to illustrate the contemporary lifestyle of Melbourne in a fashionable way, with streetwear clothing that are inspired and cultured by the raw art, fashion and charm of Melbourne’s captivating laneways.”

— Laneway Clothing Fam

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